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ON-Page SEO Checklist

ON-Page SEO Checklist

On-site or on page SEO is the practice of optimizing elements within a given website. It’s much different from off-site SEO, which involves any off-page activities that help to improve the ranking position of a web page.

1.Meta title
Make sure that your meta title is set within your source code or HTML document. Make your title attractive.

2.Meta description
Your metadata shows up on Google or Bing’s search result snippets. Make sure your description gives the user a strong reason to click-through to your site.

3.Document title ( Title)
Make sure that you use the same meta title as your or web page title. It’s NOT recommended that you use different titles. If you added your brand name to the meta title, you can leave that out on the web page title. Use only one per page!

4. SEO-friendly URL
‘on-page-seo-checklist.html’ is much better than ‘on-page-seo-checklist?=weired-url-555’. Keep your URLs descriptive, short, never use underscores but always use hyphens,

5. Use subheading (H2, H3, H4)
Make use of subheadings to improve the readability of your content and try to include your most important keyword within at least one of them.

6. Use multimedia
Engaging multimedia such as images and videos can improve the user experience of your site, encouraging visitors to engage further.

7. Drop your keyword early
Include your target keyword within the first paragraph or the first 100 words of the copy.

8.Have a mobile-friendly site
Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Our recommendation is to have a responsive design.

9. Improve website load time
Make sure that your web pages load fast. Common ways of doing so are: optimizing images, enabling compression on the server and optimizing image file sizes.

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